Taroni Custom

We would like to introduce you possibility to create boat on Your own rules, with Your specification, and probably the most important, the only one like this in the world. We are the company which proffesions are boat restoraion and exclusive interior design. Experience with wood and advanced technical equipment give us oportunity to create dreams like this.


Almost every one loved to play with Lego blocks, we were able to create own buildings, cars and even airplaines and.... boats! We stayed in this creative world and left the door opened. Right now we would like to take a look on motor yacht which wait for restoration. But what are we waiting for? We are waiting for you! We want to make it with your indications. It's like buying a new car, that's why we created 3D project to feel like we are already on the water! Of course, if you don't want to wait we've got ready boat to buy, click here to read more.

Mahogany, lame and red leather are just the beginning of what we have to offer

Modernity in a classic edition

We offer you the luxurious boat manufactured in the 1960s, but with attributes worthy of today's yachts. Professional sound system, echo sounder, navigation, and rear view camera are just the beginning of the possibilities.
The only limit is creativity but some says that ours it's also unlimited!

Individual Italian Style

The fusion of technology and retro style

On board you can find everything you could ever asked for! Proposed project contains wine cooler for 16 bottles roller blinds behind which there are special compartments that allow you to safely store for ex. alcohol and glasses (which btw. have magnets to reduce the risk of their overturning during dynamic swimming.

Proffesional Hi-Fi system

Cup holders

Wine cooler for 16 bottles


Speaking of dynamic boating, the project assumes that this wonderful yacht will be equipped with a 6.5 l V8 unit by Evinrude, which guarantees amazing acceleration but first of all incredible sound! But as I said before, sky is the limit, technically we are able to install there even an electric engine.


In the evening...

After dark comes, on a beautiful warm evening, after a day of boating and turning everyone around jealous. It's the time to irritate a landlubbers, so we can do it, thanks to an interior ambient lights, cold wine and music from professional Hi-Fi system!


Phone: 796 585 220
Email: ffmf@poczta.fm