Exclusive Interior Design

We create unique custom-made furniture to be built-in, do zabudowy m. in. kuchni, łazienek, sypialni i odnawianiem łodzi i żaglówek. Each carpentry service performed in our studio is the highest level of interior design that can be found not only in Katowice or Silesia, but throughout Europe.

Individuality and style

Custom-made furniture has their own soul which is displayed by passionate people, at least that’s the way we do.
We have knowladge about style like no one do. See our project, which we prepared just for You!
With our help and experience You can give your interior an exclusive and unique character.

Dreamed Kitchen

Do u dream of kitchen like from culinary program?
Special kitchen for special chef?
Your dreams combined with our experience and passion is perfect receipe for perfect home!

Wyśniona sypialnia

For many of us, favorite place.
It's nothing to be suprised of, we spend there a lot of our life! It's good to spent life in perfect conditions!
Own rules and own design sounds much better than market furnitures!

Królewska łazienka

Throne must have royal surrounding.
 Royal interior design is our proffesion!

Luksusowa łódź

What would You say about boat? We also restore and rebuild boats! We prepared 3D project of your own boat which is based on Italian Taroni boat! It's waiting in our warehouse to be made on your rules!


Our portfolio contains exclusive interior design of your whole apartment!
Custom-made furnishings will make unique atmosphere in Your home.